About Sperry Van Ness

The Sperry Van Ness® Difference

From the first day a property is listed, Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors market their properties on a national basis to the entire 100,000-strong brokerage and investment community via real-time syndication to the major listing sites, social media and email campaigns, and our open National CRE Sales Call (ask us about how to join this call).

Because their national reach includes primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, Sperry Van Ness Advisors have an advantage when it comes to locating investment options on behalf of clients across the country as they leverage the power of all brokers — even those with competing firms. How do we do this? By creating incentives to cooperate for not only our own Advisors, but for all brokerage professionals.

The Sperry Van Ness system® is designed to achieve the highest potential for real estate investors. Year after year, transaction after transaction, our Advisors work to ensure that maximum cooperation equals maximum value in every type of transaction.

Today, Sperry Van Ness is growing national with a revolutionary business proposition: Compensated Cooperation.


Sperry Van Ness® – Los Angeles

Sperry Van Ness – Los Angeles has successfully operated in Los Angeles County since 1991 and is among the largest franchisees within the Sperry Van Ness network. Since our inception, we have closed more than $10 billion in commercial real estate transactions in Los Angeles County. Sperry Van Ness – Los Angeles comprises the industry’s top performing commercial agents in Los Angeles County. Our mission is to partner with our clients in order to attain the highest value for their commercial investment properties. Our team is a tightly integrated group of talented professionals with access to industry-leading market research and market intelligence data analysis capabilities. Local knowledge and marketplace information is key for an effective understanding of how to provide strategies and goals of our clients’ businesses and investment portfolios.


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