San Fernando Valley


San Fernando Valley Commercial Property Types

  • Retail – 4,470 existing buildings with 48,474,007 square feet, past year average cap rate of 5.6%
  • Office – 1,470 existing buildings with 35,790,901 square feet, past year average cap rate of 7.3%
  • Industrial – 4,048 existing buildings with 83,775,698 square feet, past year average cap rate of 6.0%
  • Multi-Family – 4,833 existing buildings with 135,415 units, past year average cap rate of 5.3%


San Fernando Valley Demographics

The San Fernando Valley is comprised of a population of 1,794,595 people within 610,080 households as of 2013. This number is not expected to climb significantly by 2018, a low 0.52% to a population of 1,841,735. This is less than the gains expected for the state (0.78%) and the nation (0.71%).

Median household income is $56,566 and is expected to rise to $66,489 by 2014. This is a gain of 3.29%, higher than the nation’s expected gain of 3.03%.

While the majority (35.0%) have a net worth below $15,000, a large percentage have net worths over $500,000 (17.4%) and from $250,000 – $500,000 (8.7%). This highlights the large segmentation between affluent and impoverished areas within the Valley market area.


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