Property Management

When you hand over the reins of your property to an outside firm, you don’t want to be up late worrrying if the job is getting done the right way. You want to make sure the property manager is taking care of your asset, retaining tenants, keeping costs low and improving your property’s position in the market. Here is how we manage property:


We Listen: Needs Analysis

First we listen. We seek to understand your management style and then develop a plan to maximize it. Whether you want to really invest value in the property or extract every bit of cash flow from it, we can work with you to determine the right strategy that will work for you.


We Plan: Property Management Plan

Every property we manage has a Property Management Plan approved by its owner. We believe that setting out the operations and strategic goals of every asset gives you the confidence that your asset is being taken care of the way you want it treated.


We Keep You Informed: Monthly Performance

Every month we detail how your property is performing. Of course we give you a detailed accounting of the financials, but we go further than that: we let you know how the property is doing in its market, what tenants are saying, and what is going on in our community.