Property and Trust Brokerage

Why Us?

Commercial and residential worlds speak two different languages – from contracts, to price analysis, to marketing. Each requires a specialist to make the transaction as smooth as possible and get the highest possible price for your beneficiaries.

That’s why our team has selected specialists with the right amount of skills and experience to serve specifically commercial or residential transactions.

And our teams work together for you. We are the only real estate brokers with specialists in both commercial and residential probate and estate sales. Our proven, proprietary tools directly translate to happy clients.


Probate and Trust Sales

Probate and estate real estate brokerage are different from traditional sales. It requires very specialized set of knowledge and experience, special disclosures and listing agreements, attention to probate law and a unique marketing strategy. As experts not only in probate and trust real estate sales, but also a team with an attorney and a CPA, we are uniquely positioned to not only follow the law, but to help navigate the waters.

To best help our clients, their attorneys, and their advisors:

Comprehensive Estate Listing (CEL) System – We created a CEL System to simplify the involvement of the fiduciaries and trusties in the selling process. The System minimizes escrow fallouts due to unsatisfactory buyer inspections or unexpected “changes of heart”. Our CEL System protects your interests and saves valuable time.

Performance Listings – Every listing we take is a Performance Listing. We keep ourselves accountable by providing a weekly written report on our marketing efforts and results, which can be shared with all interested parties. You will always stay on top of your clients’ transactions and avoid problems that could have been foreseen by experienced professionals.

Value Optimization System – You may wonder, “Should we paint?” or “Should we fill our one vacancy?” or “Is there anything we can do to make the property more valuable”. We have the answers for these type of questions.

National Marketing System – We don’t just list property and wait for it to sell. We pro-actively market all properties nationally. Why nationally? Because 64% of investors come from out of state.


Estate Portfolio Advisory

As specialists in commercial real estate, our role is often advisory. We work with your property and portfolio to help you or your client’s define a clear and actionable strategy to maximize growth.


Fiduciary and Guardian Consulting

Real estate isn’t a fiduciary’s or guardian’s full-time job. It is ours. Our team is called in often to consult. This can be explaining the real estate market and how a property or portfolio fits in, how to manage a property, or how to maximize value.


Broker Price Opinions

Sometimes you just need to understand the property’s position in the marketplace. While we start with the fundamentals such as the Rent Roll and Operating Expenses, we don’t stop there – we go into the field. The only way to know exactly how a property fits is to put boots on the ground. Walk the property, walk the comparables, walk the neighborhood. Even though we probably know your property and its area very well, there is no shortcut to critical examination every time. More, we do it ourselves. The information we can gather and the intuitive sense of quality can’t be collected by inexperienced runners. Go into the field. We don’t send inexperienced runners or sit behind a desk.

Once this is done, we develop a Property Positioning Analysis that takes into account the subject property, comparables, buy-sell analysis, market trends, and zoning and economic trends. We use the state of the tools such as Argus, ERIS, custom made analytical engines, and Broker Price Opinion Technology (the same tools appraisers use).


Representative Team Sales